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BABYLON – The establishment and its agents
BOLTIES – Bolt-croppers
BOMB – The practice of wrapping noxious-tasting drugs in Rizla paper and swallowing
BROWN – Heroin
CHARVER – Mate, pal, friend
CHIP – To leave, especially the scene of a crime
CUSHTY – sorted
DIG – To inject drugs
DIRTY DIGGER – intravenous drug user
FOIL-FACE – Person who smokes heroin from tinfoil, a practice often called chasing the dragon
GOUCH – Dreamlike state induced by heroin use
GRAFTING – Earning money for drugs by whatever means, mostly shoplifting, card fraud, blagging, street robbery, car crime, or prostitution
HALF-CHAT – Half-caste, person of mixed race
JIMMY’S – St James University Hospital, Leeds
JOEY – Person who does all the Joey work: going to the shops, makings cups of tea, cooking, washing up, etc. Also, a Joey can be your own personal indentured slave or fag, either because they like the role, they are afraid of you, or they are too stupid to realise that you are taking them for a fool.
KELLY – money
KOOMPARTOO – A fresh start
MISPERING – To go missing, to become a missing person
MUPPET – Fool, dupe, victim, target
MUSH – Outsider
NASH – To run away
NOSH – Blowjob, gobble, oral sex
ON TOP – The Babylon or its agents are upon us!
PANCRACK – Dole office, DHSS
PHET – Amphetamine, speed, whiz
REC – Recreation ground, communal land
SCUFFERS – police
SLATE – To put someone down verbally, to insult, deride, or abuse
SNAILLY – Nail varnish
TAX – Stealing, demanding money with menaces
TWOCKER – Joyrider or car thief, as in Taking Without Owner’s Consent, written as TWOC on charge sheets

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